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Advanced Certificate Course for Green Managers – Green Project Manager (Master)

The Advanced Certification Course for Green Managers aims industry professionals with the advance knowledge and skills to improve and implement concepts and technologies in green buildings. Participants will learn how a building’s energy consumption and environmental impacts can be minimized during the building life time and to design constituent aspects of green buildings.


  • GMM 101: Building Energy Modeling & Thermal Simulation
  • GMM 102: Efficient Building Envelope Design, the aspects of ETTV & RETV, Day lighting and Innovative Facade
  • GMM 103: Energy Efficient Air-Conditioning Design, operation and maintenance (Energy efficiency and chiller system efficiency (achieving 0.65 kW/RT) and Permanent M&V system required for the chiller plant
  • GMM 104: Energy efficiency through Management & Audit
  • GMM 105: Designing towards Zero-energy building
  • GMM 106: Sustainable water management, rain water harvesting, waste water management
  • GMM 107: Design and simulation for natural ventilation
  • GMM 108: Indoor Environmental Quality Management for Buildings Thermal Comfort, Noise Level, Indoor Air Pollutants, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Management
  • GMM 109: Carbon Management for Green Environment
  • GMM 110: Green Roofs and Vertical Greening
  • GMM 111: Smart building operations (Energy Monitoring, Demand Control, Integration and Analytics, System Handover and Documentation)
  • GMM 112: Social, economic, health and wellbeing aspects of sustainability
  • GMM 113: Green mark criteria for new buildings and existing buildings, including how to perform the various calculations, how to achieve the pre-requisites, green mark assessment process
  • GMM 114: A field visit to Green Mark certified building


  • Applicants should possess building-related degree from recognized university (Architecture, Engineering, Town Planning, Quantity Surveying, Facilities Management, Environmental Science, etc) AND
  • Possesses professional/certificate qualification in Green building practices acceptable to the Board of Education and Training of CIOB Academy (SL) AND
  • Minimum of 02 years working experience in relevant industry

However, Board of Education and Training of CIOB (SL) reserve the right to select suitable candidates for the course.


  • Candidates who have successful at the Competence Assessment conducted by the Green Mark Academy will be awarded as “Green Project Manager – Master [GPM (Master)]

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