Green Mark Scheme (GMS)

About the Program

The Power of Green Certification


Product differentiation is crucial to businesses offering authentic green solutions. CGBS certification is developed by a broad group of industry experts with the backing of an international green building accreditation body, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore and is widely recognized for its comprehensive coverage of sustainability criteria. Good environmental credentials make the winning difference. That is why it is important to reinforce client’s confidence with a reputable and credible certification scheme.

    Raise your profile in the green business

    Potential clients can easily access the latest list of CGBC certified products and services through the online directory found on the CIOB website. Be included in product and services procurement and selection procedures where environmental credentials are increasingly a key factor.

      Enhance your access to global markets

      Build your business on CGBC’s expertise without complexity and confusion, while saving effort and resources by tapping on our extensive international network. Our unique green certification opens doors for your green solutions to markets beyond Sri Lanka.


        Apply for the CIOB Green Mark Scheme