Green Mark Scheme (GMS)

About the Program

How to Apply

Eligibility for CIOB-GMS Application

CIOB-GMS is open to application by local and overseas businesses and industries with the intention to enhance the market competitiveness of their building products and materials by means of the Scheme. The pre-requisites of application are:

  • The label is applicable only to product/ material category approved by CIOB-GMS
  • The applicant must be a legal entity (e.g. a legally registered company, sole proprietorship or individual)
  • The product in application has to satisfy the relevant product environmental criteria set by CIOB-GMS and, if applicable, other statutory performance criteria; and
  • The product in application has to satisfy the requisite quality and safety requirements set forth in the ordinances concerned
  • Subject to the approval by the CIOB, discount on application for each first application for “CIOB-GL” (Green Label) certification may also be offered to the Environmental Label(s) holders and winners of the Sectoral Awards under the recognised Awards for Environmental Excellence.

Application procedure for CIOB-GMS

To apply for CIOB-GMS label, please complete the Application Form, with the necessary supporting documents (e.g. certificates of other environmental labelling schemes, product testing reports/ certificates issued from accredited laboratory, and appropriate declarations) and send them to CIOB via email or post. For any further details, please contact CIOB. 

Apply for the CIOB Green Mark Scheme