Green Mark Scheme (GMS)

About the Program

What is CIOB Green Mark Scheme?

The CIOB Green Mark Scheme is launched as an initiative to drive Sri Lanka’s construction industry towards more environment-friendly buildings. It is intended to promote sustainability in the built environment and raise environmental awareness among developers, designers and builders when they start project conceptualization and design, as well as during construction. 

The CIOB Green Building Certification (CGBC) is awarded to:

  • Constructed Buildings (New & Existing)
  • Building Products and Construction Materials and
  • Building Services (Professional Services)

Benefits of Green Mark

CIOB Green Mark provides a meaningful differentiation of buildings in the real estate market. It is a benchmarking scheme which incorporates internationally recognized best practices in environmental design and performance. This can have positive effect on corporate image, leasing and resale value of buildings. Benefits of CIOB Green Mark include:

  • Facilitate reduction in water and energy bills,
  • Reduce potential environmental impact,
  • Improve indoor environmental quality for a healthy and productive workplace,
  • Provide clear direction for continual improvement.

Benefits of Green Mark for Business

For consumers, the benefits of a credible and independent green mark/ecolabel is that it can easily identify and distinguish products which have been developed and produced with the intent of being less negatively environmentally impacting, whilst manufacturers, distributors, and marketers acquire the financial benefits of dealing in and producing such environmentally preferable products, as indicated below:

(a) Effective Marketing Tool: A green mark demonstrates a product’s superior environmental performance and its supplier’s commitment to protect the environment. This improves corporate image, brand recognition and reputation for high product quality;

(b) A Sensible Cost Savings Move: Manufacturers’ commitment to improve environmental performance in manufacturing processes generally leads to significant cost savings associated with effective resource use, waste minimization and recycling, and reduced business liability;

Besides financial benefits, a green label demonstrates suppliers’ long-term commitment to improve environmental performance. In a broader sense, it is a positive move towards sustainable development.

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