Introduction to CIOB


The Ceylon Institute of Builders (CIOB) was first established in 1961 by some of the most illustrious engineers of Sri Lanka. It has been contributing actively over the decades towards development of the Sri Lankan construction industry whilst raising its professional standard. Some of the key objectives of CIOB are as follows:

Develop and disseminate the Science and Technology of modern Building Practices to assist all builders by means of seminars and workshops with inputs from specialist national and international resource persons.
Promote competency and standard of practices for the builders to reach professional status.
Act to improve conditions affecting the industry with a view to expanding the industry, which will include seeking opportunities for contracts overseas.
Through its international affiliations will seek to use its influence to attract investments to the construction industry.
Being the pivotal Organisation for building profession it would promote Training and Research for builders by establishing a library and Training and Research Centres.

CIOB certification after training is well recognised and respected throughout the construction industry. Coupled with international affiliation and with other national industries, CIOB members are privileged for contracts wherever they are in the world.


Founder Members of CIOB

CIOB Founder Members

Mr. V. Lindberg, Mr.Arthur, S. Fernando (Secretary), Mr. R. Skillen (Vice – President), Mr. W. A. D. Ramanayake (President), Mr. D. Jason Fernando (Vice – President), Mr. K. D. Silva (Treasurer), Mr. D. Clarkson Fernando.
Mr. L. De S Tudawe, Mr. Lionel Wanigasinghe, Mr. E. J. A. De Rosairo, Mr. H. W. Dharmadasa, Mr. E. S.B. Fernando, Mr. Peter Peries, Mr. D. Wilson Fernando, Mr. Lucian Samaranayake, Mr. Francis Wanagasekera

Governing Council

CIOB Governing Council

Mr. I. D. Wijeratne (Asst. Secretary), Mr. Ruwan De Siva (Vice President), Eng. Saliya Kaluarachchi (Hon. Secretary), Dr. Rohan Karunaratne (President), Eng. Jayakish Thudawe (Vice President), Eng. Sagara Gunawardena (Treasurer).
Mr. Ranji Hewage, Eng. Kalana Alwis, Eng. Ashoka Randeni, Dr. Asiri Karunawardena.
Eng. Patric Jayawardena (Chairman Advisory Council), Prof. Chitra Wedikkara (Advisory Council), Mr. Jayantha Dharmadasa (Vice President), Eng. Walter Perera, Dr. Tissa Meepe, Eng. Mega Kularatne, Eng. S. Ruthiralingam, Eng. Janaka Manamperi, Mr. Thilak Kollonne